About Me

What Up! I'm a fourth year student at IISER Kolkata pursuing a Masters in Statistics and Mathematics with a Minors in Computer Science.

Unraveling the secrets of the UMVUE

UMVUE, also known as Uniformly Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator is a tricky concept in Estimation Theory. If you've struggled with this concept, feel free to check out this article which will surely help in understanding the concept clearly along with getting the intuition about the it.

Party, Pigeons and Philosophy

A Gentle Introduction to Combinatorics and Ramsey Theory
I recently gave a presentation at AColab where I discussed the famous Party Problem and gently introduced the idea of Ramsey Theory and the importance of Ramsey Numbers. Here are some select parts of the session. I also wrote an article which would help anyone get a brief introduction into Ramsey Theory.

What I’m good at?

During my 5 years of stay at IISER Kolkata, I explored a wide range of topics and these are ones that I finally fell in love with and decided to focus and master..

Statistics and Machine Learning

My strengths in this domain include Probability Theory, Descriptive Statistics, Linear Algebra, Statistical Inference, Stochastic Processes, Multivariate Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Statistics, Convex Optimization, Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition with a focus on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

My programming strengths include R(+ggplot2), SAS and Python(+TensorFlow, Sklearn, OpenCv, Nltk)

Graph Theory and Network Analysis

I absolutely love solving problems from Combinatorics which include Graph Theory and Ramsey Theory along with their applications in Network Analysis. Knowing a bit of graph theory provides deep insights to problems in computer science like the 8-Queens Puzzle or the Knight Tour problem.

Take the Knight Tour Problem on a 11x11 board for instance. Anyone can backtrack, but asserting non-existence by realising that the Knight graph is bipartite and only bipartite graphs with an even number of vertices can have Hamiltonian cycles, saves a lot of time!

Data Structures and Algorithms

I have always found programming problems challenging and computational thinking enticing, especially the topics of Recursion and Dynamic Programming and Graphs! I have solved numerous problems from Leetcode, Project Euler and Rosalind (for BioInformatics).

I have a firm hold of C++ and it's powerful STL comes handy while solving such problems.

Economics and Financial Risk Management

Being from a statistics background, I cannot help but be intrigued in not only Quantitative Economics which include topics like Econometrics and Regression Analysis and Game Theory, but also in Micro and Macro Economics which include themes like Fiscal and Monetary Policies and Public Finance.

Additionally, I am a part of the Student's Committee of Risk Management of IRM Global and I write regular blogs on Valuation and Risk Modelling and related topics.

My Work

Below are a few of my favourite projects that I really enjoyed doing.
Feel free to check out their codes on github.

Quantum Machine Learning

The digits 4 and 9 look quite similar, so classifying them is often difficult and this was the task. I studied the Variational Quantum Classifier(VQC) algorithm. I implemented it on the MNIST dataset reduced to 3 dimensions to classify them.

Exploring Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This work is a part of a winter project in IISER Pune under Dr Anindya Goswami.
The discussions on the first week focussed on the basics of the blockchain technology and it's financial and economic implications gloablly, and on different sectors like the pharmaceuticals, supply chains etc. We then started with the programming part of the project. I chose to explore MITM and Smart Contracts and have implimented both these concepts in python. The project ended with a presentation about the topic which we had explored.

N-Queens: Genetic Algorithm

A meta-heuristic approach for solving the N-Queens to find a possible solution in a reasonable amount of time.
The aim of N-Queens Problem is to place N queens on an N x N chessboard, in a way so that no queen is in conflict with the others. Results show that this approach yields promising and satisfactory results in less time compared to that obtained from the previous approaches for several large values of N.
Implimented using this paper.


Image Rectification in Computer Vision

ISI Kolkata, Ongoing

Transfer Learning on VGG-16

Explored the data using standard image processing techniques like Fourier filters etc. Instead of training from scratch, I used partial transfer learning. I initialized the weights on the first two layers of VGG 16 , then using depthwise separable convolutions to train the remaining layers. The model had a 97% recall !


Artificial Intelligence for Legal Assistance

This work is a part of a project under Dr Kripabandhu Ghosh, IISER Kolkata. The goal is to create an automatic system that identifies a set of related similar prior legal cases as well as statutes that can be most suited to the purpose in the given situation. The FIRE 2019 track proposed the tasks of Precedent Retrieval and Statute Retrieval which essentially fall under the domain of natural language processing, information retrieval and data mining.
This paper provides an overview of the methods submitted and the project was to impliment these different methods in python.


These are some of the websites that I designed and this is ofcourse one of them!
Click the icons to visit them and see what I made!

Chess Club

I served as the convener of the Chess Club of the institute for two consecutive terms during which I represented the institute in the IISM-2019, at Pune and also designed the above website for the club.

Rubiks Club

I took the initiative of designing the website for the Rubik Club on my own, I loved the process of coding the interesting animation on the landing page, learnt a lot about the webkit keyframes.

Contact Me

I would love to get to know you!! Feel free to reach out to me, I don't bite!

Just before you go!

Apart from all this, I'm also an amateur footballer, table tennis and chess player and I love to play my ukulele!

Challenge me here if you're down for a game of chess. If you're not in the mood, you can still solve some puzzles here on the side! Have fun, see ya later!

Correspondence Address:
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