Ananyapam De

Pre-Doc Fellow @ IIT BombayPreviously: Soeding Lab @ MPI-NAT Goettingen | IISER Kolkata


I’m currently a Pre-Doctoral fellow at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. My journey in academia has been fueled by my passion for Statistics and Programming, alongside a deep-rooted interest in research.

My interest in mathematics led me to pursue it as a major at IISER Kolkata, complemented with a minor in the Computational and Data Sciences. There I enjoyed studying statistics through courses like Statistical Inference and Linear Models, but things got really interesting when I attended the Amazon ML Summer School. That’s when I got hooked to deep learning and probabilistic machine learning and decided to do my MS Thesis with Prof. Johannes Soeding on Variational Inference at Max Planck Institute for Natural Sciences (MPI-NAT), who had supervised me in my third year as well for a summer project. These events significantly shaped my research interests in the areas of Probabilistic ML, Approximate Inference, MCMC and Optimization, which require a perfect blend of statistical theory with practical programming skills.

At IIT Bombay, my expertise significantly broadened to encompass Operating Systems, Microprocessors, and Computer Networks, while also advancing my research in Statistical Machine Learning. I have decent experience in C++, Python, and Problem Solving.

Off duty you’ll find me playing Table-Tennis, chess, football or strumming my uke.

Next stop: PhD?


Mar 1, 2024 Joined TU Clausthal as an Research Assistant.
Aug 1, 2023 Joined IIT Bombay as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow.
Jun 27, 2023 Graduated from IISER Kolkata with a BS-MS in Mathematics and Statistics.
Jun 15, 2023 Completion of My Teaching Fellowship in Mathematics at Ashoka University
May 11, 2023 Successfully defended my MS Thesis!