Today marks a significant milestone in my academic journey – the successful defense of my Master’s thesis. This feat, while a personal achievement, is a testament to the collective support and guidance of many incredible individuals who have been part of this journey.

Firstly, immense gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Johannes Soeding whose unwavering support and astute guidance have been the cornerstone of my research.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Amelie, my mentor who inspired me to refine my presentation skills, transforming my work into its final, polished form.

Special thanks to Benjamin and Etienne for their expert advice and encouragement which was crucial in navigating the challenges of this project.

To Satyaki and Anirvan sir, my mentors – your wisdom and support have been instrumental in shaping my academic path. Your open doors and readiness to help, even unannounced, reflect the profound impact you’ve had on my journey.

My journey was made brighter by friends like Abhay, Divyanshu, Rithik, Rahul, Harshal, Shashank, Dakshesh, Adwait, Shreyas, Praful, and Ankit. More than friends; you were pillars of support, always ready to lend an ear or share a laugh. The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) was less daunting because of you.

To Vivek, Siddhikant, and Prince – my seniors and mentors, your guidance and wisdom have been invaluable. You’ve shaped my path with your advice and unwavering support.

My deepest gratitude to my parents and family, whose love and encouragement have been my constant source of strength. Baba and Maa, your sacrifices and support have made all of this possible.

To Srushti, my partner in every sense. Your motivation, companionship, and help, especially with the aesthetic aspects of my thesis, have been indispensable. You’ve been with me through every high and low, making this achievement as much yours as it is mine.

As I reflect on this journey, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and profound gratitude. This is not just a culmination of my efforts but a celebration of the collective spirit of everyone who has been part of my story. Thank you all for being an integral part of my journey.