CSES Problem Set Solutions

Solutions to the CSES Problem Set, covering a wide range of algorithmic challenges.

Welcome to the solutions page for the CSES Problem Set! This collection of solutions is aimed at helping programmers of all levels to understand and solve the CSES Problem Set, a collection of competitive programming problems designed to improve algorithmic skills.

About CSES Problem Set

The CSES (Coding Skills Enhancement Set) Problem Set is a collection of competitive programming problems designed to offer challenges for both beginners and experienced programmers. It covers a wide range of topics in algorithms and data structures, making it a great resource for learning and teaching competitive programming and algorithmic thinking.

Problem Categories

The CSES Problem Set is divided into various categories, each focusing on a different aspect of algorithmic problem solving. These include:

  1. Introductory Problems: Basic problems to get started with the problem set.
  2. Sorting and Searching: Problems involving sorting algorithms, searching techniques, and related concepts.
  3. Dynamic Programming: Challenges that require understanding and application of dynamic programming techniques.
  4. Graph Algorithms: Problems based on graph theory, including traversal, shortest paths, and network flow.
  5. Range Queries: Problems that involve processing and answering queries on ranges of data.
  6. Mathematics: Problems that require knowledge of mathematical concepts like number theory, combinatorics, and probability theory.
  7. String Algorithms: Challenges involving string processing and manipulation.
  8. Geometry: Problems based on geometric concepts and computational geometry.
  9. Advanced Techniques: More complex problems that combine multiple algorithms and data structures.

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