YouTube Volume Transition

Smooth Volume Changes for a Better Listening Experience on YouTube

Welcome to the YouTube Volume Transition project page, make your YouTube listening experience smoother and more enjoyable!

YouTube Volume Transition

Project Overview 🌟

YouTube Volume Transition is a browser extension designed to enhance your YouTube experience by ensuring smooth volume transitions between videos. No more abrupt volume changes that catch you off guard! This extension features include smooth transitions, a user-friendly interface, and customizable settings for optimal user experience.

How It Works 🎩✨

Using the principle of exponential decay, YouTube Volume Transition gently eases the volume down when switching between videos, providing a seamless and pleasant auditory experience.

Join the Community 🤝

We welcome contributions, ideas, and feedback to make YouTube Volume Transition even better. Check out our GitHub repository and join in refining this innovative tool.

License 📜

This project is proudly distributed under the MIT License.

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