In a rather unexpected turn of events, I recently learned that I was awarded the first prize at the Google Winter of Code 2022 for my work with Skit AI. The news came as quite a surprise, as I was under the impression that the event was more of a collaborative endeavor than a competition. Already engaged in a new project, I hadn’t given much thought to the outcome of the Winter of Code.

The revelation arrived with a package of goodies, including T-shirts from Github, Skit AI, GDSC IIIT Kalyani, and some charming stickers, which I’ve since used to spruce up my laptop.

Stickers now adorning my laptop.

While expressing my gratitude to the organizers on Discord, I stumbled upon a message from ten days prior about the upcoming announcement of winners. This was news to me, as I had no idea that there were individual recognitions. Driven by curiosity, I watched the YouTube video of the announcement and, to my astonishment, discovered I had secured the top spot!

An unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

I made a short Linkedin post thanking the organizers soon. While I’m humbled and happy about this recognition, I view it as a testament to the collaborative spirit and learning opportunities that events like the Winter of Code offer, rather than a personal accolade. It’s a reminder of the value of engaging in such community-driven projects, where the journey and the experiences gained along the way are as rewarding as any prize.